Monday, 24 October 2011

LOG ENTRY #7 - Stereotypical Enslavement

. ..And this is why I cringe at watching movies now. Don’t get me wrong-I LOVE watching movies, but I absolutely HATE the fact that nowadays they are all so predictable!
 Basically, all movies have a hero, who is essentially a shy-guy.  Shy Guy likes someone who doesn’t pay them a penny’s worth of notice. Shy Guy finds himself in bizarre situation, breaks out of shell, saves the world, defeats the evil guy against all odds (yes – that includes miraculously, and illogically coming back from the dead) and gets the girl, who suddenly thinks the world of him.
Other clichés include:
  • Dumb sidekicks. One’s thin and gangly (and dumb) and the other’s extremely fat and short and a blundering fool (and dumb).
  •   Mean Blondes. All movies meant for teenagers have a high school, have the Mean Blonde and her two less pretty and soft-brained cronies.
  •  Cheesy Morals. From “Always follow your dream” to “Don’t fit in- Stand out”. I blame this stuff for what’s happened to our youth. I mean, what if a kid’s biggest dream was to meet a wrestler who hates kids?! Funerals for the young, eh?
  •  The idea of the lead character having some serious (and extreme) personality disorders. Either he/she’s abnormally shy or abnormally overconfident, and the "overconfidence problem" is usually the negative character's issue.
  •   End of the world. Total Domination. Mind Control. Need I say anymore?
  •   Jokes that stink. Badly. 
  •  [Okay, this may not be that much of a cliché but it is DEFINITELY irritating (and stupid!)] -Leading male and female characters having emotional scenes during wars/riots/robot rampages etc. -_- It is the mother of all pet peeves.
I know that the above stated clichés aren’t present in quite a few movies, but then again these are the ones that pop out the most and frankly… are the most annoying too! This just shows how stationary and boring the human brain's creative area has become. I mean, can't we think of anything exciting or out of the ordinary anymore? Aliens, world domination, gangsters, Tron Legacy and all the rest of the weirdness. We need more of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling and Steven Spielberg! But I don't see chances of all that happening anytime soon, so if you're thinking of making a movie, try to get yourself a script writer from another world or something.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

LOG ENTRY #6 - Nothing Lasts Forever..

Adam Lavine's vocals are so epic. Something about his soft sound is just soothing to listen to. This was a song that I came across just today. My guitar teacher decided we should do this song this week, so we did! Such a fun song to play and sing along to! :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Monday, 17 October 2011

LOG ENTRY #2 - Those Bad, Bad Days..

Its amazing to think of the amount of stuff that can go wrong in one measly day. Let me list down some of the possibilities..
a) You could destroy a nearly finished painting by sploshing paint in the wrong areas. Now your incredibly sweet Art teacher is going to send you down to the Principal.
b) You could get scolded for using your lap as a tabletop (TWICE) by the Principal, herself, as she makes her daily rounds.
c) You could temporarily become a glutton.
d) You could also get into a row with your brother, who nicked your new Alex Rider book.
e) You could realise how stupid "e)" looks. -_-

Moving onto the things that can go wrong very easily, but are usually avoided...
a) You could set fire to your bedroom, and sleep on obliviously.
b) You could stick your hand into the toaster.
c) You could accidentally help the nice old man next door, realising too late, that he's a mad scientist bent on world domination.
d) You could realise how silly and pointless your blog post looks.
( And this point, I'm afraid I wasn't lucky enough to avoid. )

Thursday, 13 October 2011

LOG ENTRY #1 - Blink

The first thing you should know about me, is that I'm a Dr. Who fanatic, but by no means is this the most important thing you should know about me (the most important thing is that I can't bear people poking their forks in my plate, so please.. Get Your Own.)
Back to the Doctor; a recent episode I watched, concerned statues. Statues of weeping angels to be exact. And in that episode I was introduced to a chilling, thrilling (I don't want to believe it's fictional!) little possibility. What happens to statues.. when we're not looking at them?
They're still and set in stone and all that.. yes. But thats when we're looking at them. Have you ever wondered if there is a change in a statue when NO-ONE is looking at them?
The episode, by the name of "BLINK", was one which I found really really cool! It's just the subtlility of it all that really captures your attention. In this episode, we are introduced to ... can't believe I forgot her name! Let's just call her Blondie. Anyway, Blondie creeps into this deserted mansion like any other, oblivious-of-the-potential-danger leading lady. She sees a statue of a weeping angel, with it's eyes covered by it's hands in the garden outside the shattered window. She comes across a message on a wall , which warns her against the 'Weeping Angel', and the message is signed "The Doctor (1969)". This obviously indicates that the Doctor had written this message in 1969, when he was meant to be sometime else.
Blondie then notices the statue is nearer to the window then before.
Intrigued, she returns the next day with a friend and as the story unfolded, I for one was on tenterhooks, ears peeled for every single dialogue.
I highly recommend watching this episode because it is one seriously cool story about seemingly stationary foes who strike .. within the Blink of an Eye.